Spatial Practice

Sacred Archipelago MA(hons): ‘Lost Spaces’, 2014.
Collective framework with Calum Rennie + Tabby Fraser

An Architectural framework for a spiritual life journey, given structure by the seven sacraments of Catholicism but existing without donomination. A propositional chronology engaging in spiritual awakening, reconciliation, declaration of faith, mourning, cremation, purgatory, and paradise we create a potential chronology without dogma; there are many possible routes.

Danteum, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, is the last island in the proposed archipelago.
of the Sacred Archipelago. An architecture defined by liminality and thresholds. The island of Danteum is understood as an accumilative Columbarium. 

‘The ascent of the Mountain of Purgatory’
William Blake


With Tabby Fraser + Calum Rennie