Spatial Practice

Recalibrating Urban Heat Densities

Bath, UKMArch: ‘Streamlines, Vortices and Plumes’, 2019.
Collective framework with Calum Rennie + Katy Sidwell

Heat density denotes the energy consumed by space heating, over a specific area, to maintain ‘comfortable’ occupancy.  This thesis understands heat as an equitable amenity.

Recalibrating Urban Heat Density appropriates and extends existing combined heat and power network at1960’s Ballance Street Social housing, situated in the High-Georgian area of Lansdowne. Beneath a monotonous skin of Bath stone, the site presents a condition of heighted disparity in architectural style, in building tenure, and in existing building heat densities.

At the building scale, a new shared building houses dislocated thermally intense domestic activities. The commons is marked by an architectural language of light, hanging canopies that trap heat, material draping, vertical stratification, steam, condensation, and rainwater collection