Spatial Practice


Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes Peninsula, IcelandMArch: ‘Streamlines, Vortices and Plumes’, 2019.
Collective framework with Calum Rennie + Katy Sidwell

Inhabiting Infrastructures explores the process of closing loops of material and energetic systems within re-purposed or obsolete infrastructures. The investigation was initiated by the design of an Environmental Instrument filling tank model that visualises buoyancy-induced airflow whilst also recycling associated material streams into their constituent elements (water, salt and dye). The tank is a pivot between scales, between the controlled site of the studio and the contingent sites of the Blue Lagoon; between the performativity of recording immersion at building scale and the performance of calibrating individual components at the infrastructural scale.

Resources are transported great distances across the Reykjanes Peninsula via a network of pipes and transmission cables above and below the ground, from their source at the Svartsengi Power Station. Immersive Infrastructures: Distribution, maps the co-location of existing infrastructures and the opportunities they afford.